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Trust Me, They Love It!

With a variety of bathing options for nearly all of your pets needs they are sure to enjoy their salon experience! Upon arrival your fur baby will be greeted with love and a genuine care for their comfort. Not only does this service offer your pet their very own personal hygienist who will be within your loved ones eye sight at all times but there is also absolutely no wait/crate time!  The following are included in the bathing services: initial consultation & skin analysis, 15 minute massage cleanse with your choice of treatment, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, blow/brush out, and nail cut/buff.

Grooming Services are available and recommended for proper pet maintenance.



Dirty Dawg

Personal side by side companion, transportation to & from salon, individualized bathing experience and private groom.

Stinky Dog - *Ultimate

Calming Oatmeal

Seasonal Scent




Clean Cat

Personal side by side companion, transportation to & from salon, indivdual bathing experience and private groom.

Smooth Cat

Calming Oatmeal

Burts Bees

Seasonal Scent


Ask about Cat Claw Caps

Totally Safe & 100% Stylish


A gentle, natural flea treatment is necessary & required on any animal with infestation.

(CapStar is also available upon request)

Pet Bathing

Ace & Roxy Before & After

Twinkie Before & After

AnimalGroomingSittingWalking_814 (5)
AnimalGroomingSittingWalking_814 (3)
Pet Grooming 2015-10-11-19:59:52
Pet Sitting 2015-10-11-18:27:48
doggy bath
mythos wet_edited
Fawks Face_edited
Fawks After_edited
Edited Image 2015-6-23-18:43:42
Edited Image 2015-6-10-0:53:20
Edited Image 2015-6-10-0:52:47
Edited Image 2015-6-10-0:51:5
PetSitting_915 (7)
WalkingDogs_915 (13)
PetCare_814 (32)_edited
PetCare_814 (21)
PetCare_814 (7)
AnimalCare_915 (11)
AnimalGroomingSittingWalking_814 (41)
AnimalGroomingSittingWalking_814 (3)
AnimalGroomingSittingWalking_814 (10)
PetCare_814 (27)
PetSitter_814 (1)
Getting our Bath on!
SWAG in transit for a Bath!
Bath Time

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