Daily Dawg Visits

Two (2) 15 Minute Walks (AM/PM)

Also may include: meal time companion.


One Night Stand

Two (2) 25 Minute Walks (AM/PM)

Included: water bowl cleaning, meal time companion & lots of cuddle time.


Three Night Stay

Three (3) 15 Minute Walks

(AM, early PM & late PM)

Service Includes: water & dinner bowl cleaning, meal time companion, lots of TLC & plenty of play time.

While you are away, let me keep your loved one(s) company - at your place or mine! Our in-home pet sitting service allows your pet to stay as close to their normal routine as possible. In addition to having a companion close by at all times, you can bet that your furry family member is sure to have a blast until your return.


Hudson & Dawson

(Winter Park, FL)

Ace, Roxy, DeeOhGee & Amaretto

 (Downtown Orlando)


(Thornton Park, FL)

Chloe & Amaretto 

(Downtown Orlando)


 (Thornton Park, FL)

Nole, DeeOhGee & Amaretto

 (Thornton Park, FL)

Amaretto & Mythos

(Downtown Orlando)

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